New Waverley, Edinburgh

PA4N New Waverley is situated in the Edinburgh’s Old Town and is part of the wider New Waverley masterplan. CDA has been involved in the project since the masterplan was consented in 2007 and has designed the affordable housing along with a residential scheme for PA4N.  The masterplan contains a mix of uses including residential, office, hotel and commercial. 

CDA submitted a new planning application for PA4N New Waverley in July 2023 for a mixed-use development comprising student accommodation, affordable housing and commercial /community uses. The accommodation provides 289 beds and is a mix of cluster beds and studios, with extensive communal amenity including an external private courtyard.

Great importance has been placed on how the building integrates into the surrounding area and roofscape, given the sensitivity of the site sitting within Edinburgh’s Old Town.  There is also 9m level change from north-south which increases the challenge of ensuring the building provides a positive streetscape with active frontages.

Download project card (366 KB pdf)